Geib Refining Corporation, located in Warwick, Rhode Island USA refines gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium from many diversified industrial segments.

We know that the precious metals business is unique in that customer shipments require highly specialized handling from lot receipt to final settlement.

We realize that the work we do here effects your inventories, your cash flow, and your business.

When you contact us, please expect the very best from Geib Refining Corp.

Listed below are some of the values we offer our clients.

  • All material flows through our RI-DEM/ EPA compliant refining facility.
  • We maintain unsurpassed refining, industry, and product knowledge.
  • We maintain on-site laboratory facilities.
  • We are responsive and flexible to meet your needs.
  • Free empty containers in many sizes are readily available.
  • Advances and wire transfers are available.
  • Geib's trucks make your pickups in the North East.
  • We are Hazardous Waste certified for transport  in many states.
  • Geib partners with national carriers for longer hauls
  • We have the expertise with hazardous wastes.
  • We will provide environmental help with compliance and manifests.
  • You may hold metal on toll or consignment for future disposition.
  • Transferring metal to 3rd parties is easy.
  • Customer specific hedging programs are common.
  • Market locks.
  • Stone Recovery in our high tech baths.
  • On-site assessments of your facility by our industry recognized staff.

Please contact us for more info.