Client Testimonials

The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Geib Refining Corp. for their excellent results and service in processing our first shipment of scrap.  The results in the findings compared to our current refiner were very impressive.  We appreciate the professionalism and service and Geib can expect our next shipment of material .

Mr. B A, Head of Manufacturing,   gold, silver, platinum, palladium

Thank you very much for handling our hazardous waste and precious metals recovery project in New Jersey.  Your initial plant review and guidance was paramount to our project's success and recovery of our assets.  Since we are commercial bankers,  we quickly appreciated your in-depth background in hazardous waste compliance and DOT shipping regulations.  Additionally, your metal turnaround time was excellent.

  Mr. EG - EVP Commercial Banker, gold, silver, platinum 

I would like to personally thank you for your excellent service Geib Refining Corp. has to supplied to our Company.  It has been a pleasure to do business with a Company that delivers what they promise.; a key feature that keeps us returning back to Geib Refining Corp. for uncomprimised cost containment.

Being able to squeeze every penny out of an ounce of scrap material is an art Geib excels at.  While Geib has excelled at their expertise, your customers such as us have enjoyed excellent turnaround time as well as the highest financial returns from precious metal scrap. Sincerest thanks,

  Mr. GF - Equipment Operations Manager, gold, platinum, military optics

Since our Company started using Geib Refining back in September 1997, we have been pleasantly surprised with each dollar return on precious metal wastes associated with our manufacturing operations (wipes, thick film paste jars, gold plating solution, platinum targets).

In addition your personal attention to our account and full service approach makes my job significantly easier.  based upon my experience with other reclaim companies, I wish I knew of Geib Refining Corp. years ago.

I am looking forward to a long term business relationship (personal too) and the continued benefits of your efficient refining services.

  Mr. PC - Manufacturing Engineer - gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium

Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how pleased we are with Geib Refining Corp. in general and Mike Gervais  in particular.  We've made the rounds when it comes to refining companies and I have found Geib to be the most responsive and professional.  The returns you have provided us clearly exceed those of your competitors.

  Ms. DL Director of Finance -gold, platinum, palladium user

Thank you very much for the services that Geib Refining Corp. provides.  I find your company to be very honest and reputable.  I have dealt with other refiners in the past that left me feeling uneasy about the whole process. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

  Ms. CH -Jewelry Store Owner - gold, silver, platinum

When you said you were specialized in stone recovery...what an understatement!.  I've never had so many diamonds and stones returned to me in 30 years of business.  Keep up the great gold recoveries too.

  Mr. DC  - Pawnbroker - gold, silver, platinum

We do quite a bit work here in our dental lab. When your salesman stopped over, he was extremely  knowledgeable in our lab operations and pointed out two areas where we were likely losing gold and platinum.    The following week we shipped in 28 pounds of vacuuming dust and filter bags.  We also shipped in 2 pounds of high grade grindings.  For the past 15 years we had combined these lots to reduce our refining charges.  Well, your salesman was quite adamant about keeping these lots separate for better control from our point of view.  Was he ever right.  So far, we've determined that our metal recover has increased by a whopping 14%.  Consider us Geib customers for life. 

  Mr. RGO -Dental Lab Owner - gold, silver, platinum, palladium